If you are eating Dinner or just finished Dinner, you might want to read this story some other time. Nadya Suleman (Octomom) has already said that she would never do porn to pay her bills. “I wouldn’t even kiss somebody for money. I wouldn’t touch somebody.” Suleman has said on multiple occasions.

However, apparently she will touch herself for money.  TMZ reports that she has already made a deal with an online adult entertainment company who will shoot a masturbation video this summer. We do not know for sure how much money she will make off the video, but it is believed to be more than she made for her recent nude photos.

It’s really sad that the only way she can support her family is by selling her body. Plus, who really wants to see Octomom pleasuring herself? Is that really going to be a viral video? I’d rather watch Carrot Top do jumping jacks naked.