President Obama and Mitt Romney have suspended travel in light of Hurricane Sandy.

Obama, who attempted to stay a step ahead of the forthcoming natural disaster by traveling to Florida over the weekend, has since returned to Washington. He also canceled an appearance at a rally alongside President Bill Clinton.

Instead, the president is taking measure to make sure that the federal government is ready for Sandy. “As he said at FEMA HQ yesterday, the president has instructed his team to make sure that needed federal resources are in place to support state and local recovery efforts,” said White House spokesperson, Jay Carney in a statement.

Romney hit Ohio in a last minute push to elicit votes in the swing state, and sent out well wishes to those in the eye of the storm. “I know that right now some people in the country are a little nervous about a storm about to hit the coast,” he said. “And our thoughts and prayers are with the people who will find themselves in harm’s way.”

The 65-year-old has suspended stops in states close to the storm, but plans to continue campaigning in Davenport, Iowa, and West Allis, Wis., while members of his team have loaded up relief supplies onto a campaign bus headed for Virginia.

According to CNN, the president wants to steer clear of the job done by President G. W. Bush after Hurricane Katrina, which plagued his administration long after its occurrence . On the contrary, Romney can only wait and see what kind of job Obama will do in spearheading Sandy relief efforts, before making his next move.